This Big Ole Bear Just Marched Into a 7-Eleven to Use Hand Sanitizer

by Madison Miller

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, even bears want to make sure they are as clean and sanitized as possible.

A clip is going viral on TikTok with over 9 million views at this time. The video in question features a 7-Eleven clerk in Olympic Valley, California getting a close encounter with a bear on film.

A Bear Seeks Service at 7-Eleven

As the clerk is behind the counter, a black bear casually strolls into the convenience store ready to go about its shopping at the utmost convenience. According to the New York Post, he opens the door the employee, Rachelle Ducusin, can be heard screaming, “Oh my goodness, he knows how to open — heeey, stooop!” 

The creature seems to disregard the screams as it walks into the store. It stands on its hind legs and proceeds to “use” the sanitizing station set up by the entrance. After sniffing it, a couple of drops land square on the bear’s head. Safety first, after all.

While the bear seems pretty calm and casual, Ducusin is absolutely panicking. She can be heard screaming hysterically at the bear and eventually bursting into hopeless tears.

Apparently, the woman had already encountered the beast before it entered the store. She tried to stop the bear from going through the trash cans outside and it proceeded to charge at her several times. She was able to get inside and call 911, but the bear wasn’t done with its mission for food quite yet.

As the bear continues to walk around the store, eventually emergency services arrive on the scene. They shoot the wildlife creature with rubber bullets in order to lure it out of the store. It didn’t completely get the hint, between the rubber bullets and the woman screaming “get out,” seeing as it returned to the garbage bins later that morning.

Even the 7-Eleven TikTok account was able to find humor in the situation. They wrote, “he wants a blue raspBEARy Slurpee” on the video.

Bear Eats Some KFC

Also in California, one man got robbed of his KFC when a bear decided to help itself.

According to the local ABC outlet, the man had returned home and found the bear on his counter absolutely feasting on the “11 herbs & spices” recipe. “They sure made a mess of the place,” John Holden said after the incident was over.

Despite being shocked to see a bear in his ransacked kitchen, Holden makes the time to pull out his camera. He records as the bear feasts on the food and momentarily ducks behind a wall so he won’t be spotted.

Eventually, he was able to get the bear out by making loud noises. He said there was also a couple of other wildlife making themselves at home in his Sierra Madre crib.

“I’ve had a lot of other encounters with them. I’ve actually had them bump into me a couple times in the backyard, but definitely never in the house like that,” he said.