This Black Bear’s Head Got Stuck in a Container for a Month

by Jon D. B.

It takes major ingenuity, intelligence, and strength to survive for a month with your head stuck in a container, which is exactly what this Florida black bear has done.

The fine folks down at The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have one heck of a story on their hands. After what they believe to be a full month of plight, a local black bear whose head had been stuck in a plastic container has been freed.

“An adult bear was reported wandering around with a plastic container on its head. Our bear biologists, law enforcement, and bear contractors set traps and monitored the area in an effort to remove the container, but after only two sightings, the bear was not seen again for over three weeks,” the FFWCC reports via Facebook.

Finally, officials say, “the bear was spotted on a resident’s security camera, still wearing the container on its head!”

To help free the poor bruin, officials would set out new traps and began night patrols of the Collier County neighborhood.

They would finally spot They finally spotted the 250lb female black bear just before midnight over the weekend. According to their update, an FFWCC bear biologist darted her and removed the plastic container from around her face. The resulting footage from the bear’s month-long ordeal is quite remarkable:

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How Did This Black Bear Survive for a Month with a Plastic Container Around Her Head?

“We think it was part of an automatic pet feeder due to the hole near the bear’s muzzle,” FFWCC cites.

As for how the sow was able to survive for so long, “Luckily that hole provided enough access to drink and eat. Even after 28 days of wearing it, the bear was still in great physical shape!” they continue.

All in all, the black bear would leave her harrowing situation with just a few minor injuries. “She did have a wound encircling her neck and face where the feeder was stuck. But staff cleaned the injury and treated her with antibiotics,” officials add.

After a day and a half of monitoring, FFWCC saw the sow was able to eat and drink normally. Indeed, she remains a healthy bear. As a result, she would see release by staff into a secure area of Picayune Strand State Forest. Every Outsider loves a happy ending!

“A big thanks to our bear biologists, law enforcement, bear contractors… And the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for making this a success. A great deal of gratitude goes out to the residents of Golden Gate Estates for working together to rescue this bear!” FFWCC concludes.