This Buck Hid Inside a Church for Hunting Season Opening Day

by Michael Freeman

Opening day for hunting season is exciting for many people, but not so much for deer and the like. A buck must have been tipped off about the occasion, as pastors found it hiding inside a church.

Seeking the solace of the church, a 10-point buck in southern Michigan hid there on the opening morning of the state’s firearm hunting season. Pastors at Grace Sturgis found the buck Monday inside the church’s auditorium before it shortly exited through a window. They even managed to catch video footage of it, which was uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

In the clip, we see the buck exploring. Though they plead for it not to go upstairs, it decides to anyway. After showing itself around for a bit, it decides to stylishly exit through the window.

Though we can’t see them in the video, pastors Amanda and Luke Eicher, as well as Justin Wickey, put up barricades. Setting them up in the hallway, they intended to keep the buck cut off from other parts of the church. Fox News covered the incident, with Amanda noting her shock. “I was just shocked by how high he could jump,” Amanda Eicher said. “I was amazed at how big he was.”

Amanda also said the buck didn’t seem to have gunshot wounds but was bleeding slightly. She believes the wound was inflicted by the glass when it jumped out the window. Despite the initial surprise, she retains a lighthearted outlook. “We all need reasons to laugh, especially with the hard seasons from the past two years,” Eicher said. “I’m glad we could provide some laughs.”

Frisky Deer Crash a Kids’ Soccer Game

The buck going into the Michigan church was innocent enough, but sometimes deer can crash a party in a more vulgar way. A recent children’s soccer game in London saw some frisky deer enter the fray and not in a good way.

The New York Post covered the story about the Teddington, London soccer game last month. Though the field was fenced in, two wandering red deer stags leaped over it. Making matters worse was the fact it was breeding season, making them more aggressive than usual. Game photographer Giedrius Stakauskas spoke about it, voicing his surprise. “Many of the children playing and the people watching were amazed — stunned to see such an unusual sight.”

The game paused for 10 minutes. The antics by the bucks on the field scared a few children enough for them to begin screaming and running away. Luckily, a quick-thinking referee huddled the kids to stand together to the left of the deer, calming them down. Before things got too out of hand, both deer jumped back over the fence and left the field, allowing the game to resume.