This Fish Market in Portland Has Hammerhead Shark for Sale: VIDEO

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Prisma Bildagentur/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A fish market in Portland, Maine has a fish for sale that has people shocked. A video shows the hammerhead shark that is for sale.

The Harbor Fish Market is located in Portland, and they shared a video to their Instagram page earlier this week. The now-deleted video showed one of the workers holding up the body of the hammerhead. The video was posted to News Center Maine to watch.

According to the publication, hammerheads are legal to sell in the state. However, that didn’t stop people from being outraged. The Harbor Fish Market eventually ended up deleting the video from their Instagram, as well as disabling the comments on their posts. They did post an update with a long caption to those who were upset about the situation.

“Due to the concerns of our customers and followers over bringing a Hammerhead shark into our market, we would like to respond with FACTUAL information. First and foremost, the shark we brought in was caught legally and can be sold legally. FACT This shark was caught off Cape Hatteras NC, where these small Hammerheads are plentiful. This shark was caught by gillnet, a type of fishing gear, and when these fish are brought aboard dead, they may be sold. These gillnets actually have transponders on them that repel sharks. But still, some are caught and then sold as part of the vessel’s catch. FACT,” they wrote.

“Secondly, Harbor Fish is well known for our love of bringing new and unusual species into our market. Our customers love this about us. They get to try fish they would never be exposed to elsewhere. FACT Thirdly, Maine DMR came into our market to make sure we were following regulations and they had no problem with us selling this shark. FACT.”

Portland, Maine Fish Market Releases Statement Following Backlash for Selling Hammerhead Shark

They then ended the caption by stating that since they are sensitive to customers’ feedback, they removed the hammerheads from their case.

“We will be doing more research, however, because shark is a viable and affordable protein source. FACT. We hope this clears up all the non-factual information that spread like wildfire today. We know our customers will appreciate it. Thank you for your continued support. Nick & Mike Alfiero, Owners, HFM,” they finished.

They shared this statement on their Facebook page as well, where the comments were left on. However, the comments on the Facebook post following the statement were fairly positive and supportive.

“I was expecting this when I saw your showcase, I come from a Caribbean island, we eat shark all the time,” one person commented. “we don’t just use the shark fin and throw the rest away, we use the whole shark like a regular fish, we make delicious Kari Kari meal out of it. And you guys are 100 on the facts.”