This Hunter’s Realistic Whitetail Deer Wedding Cake Makes Us Believe in True Love

by Madison Miller

Nothing quite says love like a 130-pound, highly detailed, and realistic whitetail deer wedding cake.

For a dream hunting couple, this deer cake was the centerpiece to their special day. Sugarbelle Sweets in Corpus Christi, Texas, crafted the masterpiece. Dusty Sinclair, the owner of the shop, created the huge wildlife-inspired cake.

Realistic Deer Wedding Cake

It looks like something that belongs in the final round of “Cake Wars,” awaiting judgment by professionals and millions of at-home viewers.

Instead, it was for Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez on their wedding day back in March 2020.

“Yesterday was one for the books. I got to create a dream cake for some special hunter friends of mine. The groom was surprised by this cake that was a replica of a deer he shot named Thor,” Sinclair said.

Showing Off the Details

The deer was more than just a cake, but a representation of the level of skill the groom has while out hunting.

The cake was almost entirely edible. The frame holding up the antlers is the only non-edible portion of the cake. While the outside of the cake is a brownish grey, textured representation, the inside isn’t quite as realistic. Sinclair went with a chocolate flavor on the inside, reports Grand View Outdoors.

“It took me exactly one week to build all the edible parts on the deer’s frame, which I had welded for the neck, head and antlers. I built the antlers out of a mixture of gum paste/molding chocolate. All facial features were made with the same, gum paste/molding chocolate. The neck and legs were made from Rice Krispies, and I covered the entire buck’s body with buttercream and then airbrushed it with food coloring,” Sinclair said to Grand View Outdoors.

Crafting this wild representation was no easy task. Hard work in this case likely means pretty good pay. Sinclair notes that it’s close to the price of real-life taxidermy. That usually depends on the size of the mount. A full-body mount, which is pretty rare, is up to $3,000. Others can be closer to $500-$600. So, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact price on this one.

It’s safe to say the unique cake certainly was a huge hit for the newlyweds.