This Kid Is Going Places: Student Raises Thousands Hiking for Charity

by Michael Freeman

Kids raising money for charities is wholesome enough as is, but one student really knocked it out of the park. A middle schooler recently raised thousands of dollars for charity just by going hiking.

Mina Yee, an 11-year-old at Skagway School in Alaska participated in raising money for the Fran Delisle Cancer Fund. Skagway News reports she chose it because “I know the Fran DeLisle Cancer Fund supports people in Skagway that have cancer, and some of our friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted to help them out.”

Yee said she hiked to Upper Dewey Lake with her father every week so she had the idea of turning it into a fundraiser. The fundraiser had her trekking to Upper Lake every Wednesday. It began on July 14 and ended on August 8 for eight total trips. When all was said and done, Yee had 110 sponsors and raised more than $8,000.

Yee recollects the hikes, saying at first “I was pretty slow, maybe 2.5 hours, but I cut it down to two hours up, hung out there, and then two hours down.” She states she saw goats and grouse, but no bears, which she attributes to having a big black dog with her. Though her dad was supposed to be her hiking partner, her friends also sometimes went with her.

Yee is not sure as of now if this will be an annual endeavor. According to her, she felt “it was a good time to do it this year because the Fran DeLisle Cancer Fund has not had its marathon fundraiser happen for several years.” Yee also said she enjoyed the fundraiser and her favorite part was getting to the top of the hike to see “the beauty of Upper Lake.”

8-Year-Old Raises Nearly $11,000 with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Lemonade Stand

Mina Yee isn’t the only savvy kid around when it comes to raising money. Sometimes the oldest ideas are the best, as evidenced by an 8-year-old at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year. A simple, yet effective idea raised almost $11,000 with a “donation only” lemonade stand.

Wyatt Dennis set up a free lemonade stand at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year, asking for donations if anyone could spare them. A rally attendee posted about the child’s business on social media, surging the stand’s popularity and seeing it rake in almost $11,000 by the end of the event.

Starting the lemonade stand last year for a LEGO set, it’s safe to say Dennis outdid himself this time. FOX News correspondent Ainsley Earhardt asked what the young entrepreneur planned to do with his money. He replied 50 percent to college, 35 percent goes to St. Jude, and the leftover 15 percent goes towards buying a dirtbike.