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This Record Whitetail Buck Sat in a Garage for Decades: Here’s Why

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A whitetail buck record in Pennsylvania was recently broken by a deer that is decades old. The deer was stored in a garage for decades.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has recently released an updated version of its Big Game Records book, which included the record. While most of the records in the book were from the last couple of seasons, this buck was most likely from the 1960s. This is a pretty strange sight to see on paper, of course, but there’s an explanation.

The record buck was harvested by Frederick Kyriss of Montgomery County, PA. Kyriss passed before the buck was handed over to officials, so not much is known about it. He was outlived by his wife, who has unfortunately also passed. However, she managed to supply a little bit of information about the deer before her death. It was just one of the many personal trophies that Kyriss would keep in his garage. He never sent any of his bucks off to get scored.

Bob D’Angelo, PA Big Game Scoring Program Coordinator and senior associate editor for Game News, told Fox News that they didn’t know when the deer had been hunted. Regardless, it broke the 1943 record for whitetail in the typical firearms category. Kyriss’ buck scored a net 202-7/8 inches. The previous 1943 record was 189-0/8 inches.

The deer rack left the garage and found its way to a Bass Pro Shop in Missouri. “Bass Pro, who has the original antlers in Missouri, kindly made a replica of the deer rack and had the synthetic rack mounted with a taxidermy mount and donated it to the Pennsylvania Game Commission where it is displayed at the agency’s Harrisburg headquarters at 2001 Elmerton Ave,” D’Angelo said. He had spent a long time researching the buck.

This Missouri 26-Point Buck Was Tracked for Three Years

Kyriss’ deer might have waited decades to get scored and recorded, but that was accidental. One bowhunter in Missouri spent three years purposefully tracking a buck before he finally hunted it. Garrett Wood bagged a 26-point whitetail buck in December of 2021. It grossed 218-2/8 inches. He had been tracking it since August of 2019. That’s dedication! Or, perhaps, it’s curiosity. Over the years, the deer would mysteriously vanish for entire seasons before showing up again. Wood chalked it up to the deer traveling around a lot. It took sheer luck for him to be able to successfully hunt it.

During the time that the whitetail was away, other hunters clearly tried to nab it. When Wood finally downed the buck, he noticed that parts of its rack were damaged or missing. There was even what looked like a bullet hole. When asked about his long-term commitment to hunting the deer, Wood had this to say: “I knew this was a buck worth waiting for.”