This Video of a Squirrel Holding Hands With a Woman Is Going Insanely Viral

by Megan Molseed

The internet is going nuts over a little Turkey!

A video is going viral, and it’s all the adorableness we need to see this fall. A little rescue squirrel named Turkey holds hands with the woman who has cared for him.

The adorable animal went viral on TikTok gaining over three million views since the video was posted on November 1.

In the video, the adorable squirrel appears to be holding hands with the woman who saved his life in Eustis, Florida.

The video starts out with the woman walking towards a car. As she gets closer, we see a tiny little squirrel sitting just behind the vehicle. The squirrel looks eager to greet the woman behind the camera, standing on its hind legs, hands folded in front of its body.

“Hi baby,” says the woman in the video as she approaches the adorable little squirrel.

Waiting To Say ‘Hi’

“Are you just sitting here waiting for me?” the woman asks.

Then the video zooms into the squirrel, which is probably the most adorable rodent any of us have ever laid our eyes on.

“Well hello!” the woman says as the squirrel looks up at her adoringly.

“Are you just waiting for me Mr. Turkey butt?” jokes the woman behind the video.

The woman recording the adorable moment then reaches her hand out, and the squirrel begins to nuzzle against the woman’s fingers.

This Fall’s Cutest ‘Turkey’ Happens To Be An Adorable Squirrel

“Whatcha doin’ precious?” the woman asks Turkey as she pets the animal on his back.

As if this exchange wasn’t already the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen, Turkey takes the cuteness level up quite a few more notches.

After sniffing the woman’s fingers for just a moment, Turkey grabs on, holding the woman’s hand as they bond.

Turkey’s tail pops up behind her, clearly in a good mood as he’s getting all the attention he deserves!

“They’ve all been close together, they have nests and babies,” said the squirrel lover Cindy Jenkins of her nut-loving rescues.

“Turkey is sweet and mellow,” Jenkins adds. “And although he’s wild squirrel now, he still loves its momma.”

This isn’t the first time this fall that squirrels have gone viral for hanging out near a vehicle.

In fact, one North Dakota squirrel decided one man’s Chevy Avalanche was its own personal nut-storage unit earlier this fall.

A Chevy Isn’t the Best Place To Hide Walnuts?

North Dakota resident, Bill Fisher says he keeps having to remove buckets full of walnuts from his truck. From where did this plethora of nuts come? They are the product of one red squirrel’s hibernation prep!

According to Fischer, a red squirrel has decided his pickup truck is the ideal spot in which to hide his winter meals.

The little red squirrel has gotten so industrious in his nut-stashing that Fischer has to remove the front end of his vehicle to retrieve some of the lemon-sized nuts.

So far, the North Dakota man has collected 42 gallons of nuts as he works to rid his truck of the squirrels’ winter snacks.