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Three Massachusetts Teens Catch Massive 1,000-Pound Tuna

by Jennifer Shea
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Three Massachusetts teenagers reeled in a whopping catch this month: a more than 10-foot bluefin tuna weighing over 1,000 pounds.

“Once we got eyes on it, it looked like a surfboard going across the water it was huge,” crew member Kyle Falle told WCVB.

The three teens were fishing about a mile away from Provincetown, Massachusetts on a boat they had chartered. And together, they managed to reel in a fish that barely fit on their deck.

“The first word that came I think to all three of our minds is ‘beast’. This thing is an absolute beast,” Captain Dan Smith said.

The company they chartered the boat from, Julia Nicole Charters, has posted a video of the teens reeling the fish in on their Facebook page.

“We just started pulling it into the boat and the hauler just seized up,” Smith said. “And it didn’t want to pull the fish up anymore and I never had that happen.”

The three of them initially believed they’d caught a shark, the tuna was so heavy. It took about a half hour to wrestle it to the surface and see what the catch was, they said.

“When we hooked up, there’s nothing like it,” crew member Jim McCormack said. “This is the biggest adrenaline rush, we’re all going crazy.”

The Massachusetts state record for biggest bluefin tuna ever caught is 1,228 pounds, the Raleigh News & Observer reported. That was set by Marlene Goldstein in 1984 in Cape Cod Bay.

The three teens ultimately sold their tuna, WCVB reported. 

And they say they have a new goal for tuna fishing season next summer: to break the world record by catching a tuna weighing over 1,400 pounds.