Tie Your Best Prop Bait Knot with Pro Angler Chris Lane

by Jon D. B.

Looking to master the most important knot for these time tested lures? In his The Bass Pros series for PursuitUp, pro angler Chris Lane walks Outsiders through tying the best prop bait knot possible.

We’ve all been there. Prop bait? Tied firmly on the line. Cast? Nailed it. Hook a monster? You bet! Then snap – that trusty ol’ lure is now a gift to the depths.

It’s a common frustration for topwater baits, to be sure. While the propeller(s) on the bait (or prop for short) typically excel at chopping up surface water, an improper knot will get your line tangled up in all that spinning real quick. Countless prop baits have been lost for this exact reason. Count a classic Devil’s Horse prop my Papa Joe gave to me among them.

Yet we Outsiders believe in providing more solutions than we do problems. And thankfully, our friends over at PursuitUp have exactly the man for the job.

The job? Typing a proper “straight as an arrow” prop bait knot, of course, courtesy of pro angler and all around excellent gent Chris Lane. Let’s get to it.

Tie a Propeller-Proof Prop Bait Knot in No Time with Chris Lane

When it comes to tying knots to topwater baits, Chris says outright that it’s beyond important to tie the right knot. Especially with prop baits. His solution is his prop bait knot using a double clinch knot, which forces the line to exit the knot in a rigid straight line. This sturdy knot combo eliminates line curl behind the bait, leaving your line level behind the propellers so they don’t get caught.

In this clip from his The Bass Pros series for PursuitUp, Chris breaks down the prop bait knot into six steps for fellow anglers. Check it out right here, before we get into further details below:

  1. Fold the line over to begin forming your double clinch knot.
  2. Run it through the eye.
  3. Wrap line 5 or 6 times & leave a gap.
  4. Run through the gap
  5. Pull to clinch tightly
  6. Trim excess line

Don’t worry, we know these steps feel a bit ambiguous listed out like this. Above, Chris Lane demonstrates the entirety of his brilliant prop bait knot solution – and it’s just the tip of the iceberg for this episode of The Bass Pros, too.

“What happens is – this line is straight as an arrow coming out,” Lane says as he demonstrates. The whole point is to keep your line as straight and firm as possible so it doesn’t get tangled in the propellers, he continues.

Even Chris himself is in awe of how straight the line is. The proof is in his craftsmanship, too. When he’s not tugging on the line, it still stands straight out from the back of the prop bait. Now that’s what we call pro tips!

As Chris notes, failing to knot your line properly “could cost you a big fish.” That’s a no thank you for all anglers, right there.

So on behalf of us Outsiders, keep doing what you’re doing, good sir, and we’ll follow suit!