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Tiger Spotted in Tennessee Wilderness, Authorities Conduct Huge Search

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: picture alliance / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Authorities in Tennessee are continuing a massive search after a tiger was seen roaming the wilderness outside Knoxville. 

Last night, a deputy at the Forks of the River Industrial Park sent out a be-on-the-lookout notice after he’s said to have seen the large cat wandering around. 

It is unclear where the tiger came from. 

A sanctuary in Kingston, Tennessee, Tiger Haven, assisted in searching for the wild animal. A spokeswoman for the sanctuary has confirmed that they are not missing any cats. Once found, the wild animal will live at Tiger Haven.

The Knoxville Zoo is also not missing any of its tigers. They are not assisting in the search efforts at this time.

Zoo spokeswoman, Tina Rolen, made a statement, saying, “We want to reassure everyone that our Zoo Knoxville Malayan tigers Arya, Bashir and Tanvir are all safely accounted for. Our team is standing by to assist if needed. If you have information, please contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is in charge of leading the search, but they aren’t alone. They are working alongside the Knox County Sheriff Patrol Units, Animal Control, Air Watch, as well as the Knoxville Police Department’s Animal Control Unit.

As of this morning, the animal was still missing, the Tennessean reports. 

At midnight, the sheriff’s office said that there had not been any more confirmed sightings of the tiger. 

There have been sightings in the southeast part of the county near John Sevier Highway. The Knox County Emergency Dispatch team has not confirmed any of the claims thus far.  

How Officials Will Trap the Tiger

Earlier today, WATE reporter Madisen Keavy sent out a tweet that said, “TIGER TALK: The trap for the Tiger spotted in #Knoxville is a humane bear trap and hanging inside is a “grocery store chicken”. 

“This area where it was spotted is dense with foliage, but there is a water source near it — which is helpful for the Tiger, if you’re curious. @6News

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