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TikToker Discovers Bigfoot Lookalike in Wild Google Street View Image: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by RichLegg/Getty Images)

Bigfoot is out and about in Russia, according to Google street view and one eagle-eyed TikToker. A video posted recently showed what appeared to be a Sasquatch standing in a grassy area on Google Maps, somewhere in Russia. On close inspection, it looks like a statue, maybe a woodcarving.

The top comment on the video claimed that the Sasquatch was a “man in a bigfoot suit who knew Google was coming.” Real, fake, or art installation, the excitement of stumbling upon Bigfoot, even in Google street view, takes many shapes and forms. The video also claimed that there were giant snakes off the coast of France. This one is definitely an art installation: the Serpent d’Océan by artist Huang Yong Ping, which lives in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, France. It’s a giant aluminum sculpture of a snake skeleton, which is covered and uncovered at each high and low tide. It’s meant to slowly be covered by vegetation and marine life.

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The Bigfoot, though, I’m not sure. Could this be an elaborate Bigfoot prank on Google street view by someone in a costume? Or a remote shrine to the massive cryptid of the Pacific Northwest? Even better, could that be him? Is Bigfoot real, and does he live in Russia? Is the Bigfoot really right under our noses? Clearly, questions for someone with a higher degree than I have. But, how does one get into studying cryptozoology? Asking for a friend.

More Than an Image on Google Street View: The Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Festival Kicked Off On May 7th, and We’re Sorry We Missed It

Just a few days ago, the 2nd annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Festival went off without a hitch in Townsend, Tennessee. According to the thank you post on the event’s Facebook, the festival welcomed staunch believers (and skeptics) to the Townsend Visitor’s Center for an afternoon of food, music, and expert speakers on all things Bigfoot.

The expert speakers included Zach Bales, who has written “The Bigfooter’s Atlas”; Kenney Irish, also known as the Cryptopunkologist; Ron Morehead, who has written the 40-year chronicle of the Bigfoot called “Voices in the Wilderness”; Pamula Pierce, actress and daughter of “Boggy Creek” writer and director Charles B. Pierce; and Ken Gerhard, a cryptozoologist featured in “Terror in the Skies,” “In Search of Monsters,” and “Missing in Alaska.”

But, if you’re wondering, what’s Bigfoot doing in Tennessee? Maybe he just wanted to go to Dollywood, ever think about that? But really, how did Bigfoot come to the Smoky Mountain region? In conversation with Outsider this year, Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Festival event coordinator Brian Johnston spoke about the Bigfoot happenings in the area.

“Last year, we had a speaker that came through and spoke specifically on stuff that has happened in the Smoky Mountains,” he said. “There are also some historical things passed down through the Cherokee Indians about their interactions with bigfoot. We’re hoping to hear more of those kinds of stories this year.”