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Tiny Owl Found in Rockefeller Christmas Tree Leaving Rehabilitation Center, Ready to Fly Free

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credi: mlorenzphotography via Getty Images)

Last Wednesday, an employee of the company that transports and secures the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree found a stowaway. Nestled in the branches of the spruce tree was a small owl. The tiny owl made a huge buzz this past week, after her long and arduous journey.

Since her discovery, the owl, named Rockefeller or Rocky for short, has been recuperating. She has been staying at Ravensbeard Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Saugerties. New York. It didn’t take long for the tiny owl to get her strength back. She is currently only hours away from continuing her migratory path south, according to a Facebook post from the rehabilitation center.

We have exciting new to share! Rockefeller has been well cared for, and she has been cleared by specialists for take off…

Posted by Ravensbeard Wildlife Center on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tiny Owl, Big Buzz

The Ravensbeard Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a small nonprofit organization. The team there takes in and cares for all types of avian wildlife. They operate largely on donations from supporters. With the publicity generated by Rockefeller, they were able to bring in over $2,500 from just under 90 donors. Because of this influx of publicity and support, they will be able to help even more sick or injured birds.

More About Northern Saw-Whet Owls

According to the Migration Research Foundation, it isn’t just their small stature that makes these owls stand out from other species. They also have a white breast with reddish brown vertical stripes. These markings on their chest as well as white streaks on their crowns set them apart from other small owls.

Not all northern saw-whet owls are migratory. However, some individuals will travel to warmer climates during the winter. They spend most of their time in the northern United States and southern Canada. Some of these birds will travel all the way to Nevada in the west and North Carolina in the East. Rockefeller was built to travel, just not inside a Christmas tree.