Tourists Capture Shockingly Massive Shark on Viral TikTok Video, They Thought ‘It Was a Whale’

by Shelby Scott

You read the term “shark” and immediately associate it with “fear” or “danger.” One marine biodiversity student captured a shockingly massive one on video. Nevertheless, it actually posed no danger to him and the other students on board the ship. The student identified the large animal as a basking shark, the world’s second-largest shark species.

The university student, Alex Albrecht, filmed the massive creature during a six-week research program standing at the ship’s mast. The ship sat 100 miles out from Woods Hole, Massachusetts when Albrecht saw the monster shark. The beast simply circled nearby the ship. Of the encounter, the student said, “I first thought it was a whale,” however, “[t]hen its big tail went ‘swoosh’ to the side, and I was like, ‘Shark!'”

Albrecht uploaded the awe-inspiring encounter to TikTok which now totals more than 51 million views. Luckily for the marine research students, their view of the large basking shark remained unimpeded in the clear blue waters. The basking shark featured in the clip measured around 25 feet in length. So while the animal’s size is most impressive, it nevertheless poses little danger to people.

Of the shark, Albrecht said, “They are filter-feeding sharks, so it’s eating little krill and plankton, which means it won’t be chomping on any humans.”

And in reference to the viral clip, the student said, “I hope the people who see the video are curious to learn more and conserve what we have going forward.”

Hammerhead Shark Encircles Adrenaline-Fueled Kayaker

The marine biodiversity student’s encounter with the basking shark was entirely harmless. However, the case could have been completely different for one California kayaker after he encountered a massive hammerhead.

The insane footage captures kayaker and fisherman, David O’Dea atop clear blue waters off of the West Coast. After just reeling in an impressive yellowtail, it’s not long before he and his friend encounter a 10-foot hammerhead shark.

Almost immediately, the massive shark begins circling the duo’s boat, presumably on the hunt for a meal. The duo’s latest catch left a small trail of blood sliding down the side of the tiny watercraft, presumably attracting the shark in the first place.

The clip lasts for several minutes and towards the end, O’Dea drifted from his companion. Soon, the massive hammerhead begins to bump the bottom of the fisherman’s boat. Fortunately, both survive the ordeal with only a slight scare and zero injuries.

Of the encounter, O’Dea said, “I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be.” He attributed the fact to the adrenaline rush he experienced after just reeling in the yellowtail.