Trail Cam Captures Big Buck With Bowling Ball-Sized Growth on Shoulder

by Jonathan Howard

One Missouri hunter bagged a big buck recently. However, we aren’t sure what was bigger, the rack on its head or the growth on its shoulder.

Trail cams allow hunters and those who enjoy nature to see wildlife in ways unimaginable. They can catch animals living their natural life unprovoked and unbothered. These cams also let hunters like Stephen Leeper track and take down animals that might be suffering.

By the looks of the lump on this buck, Leeper wasn’t sure how much longer it had to live. His buddy had already claimed his own big kill for the season. Stephen wasn’t going to allow whatever infection this animal had to take it before he could nab it himself. This was a buck in the 160 range, along with a gorgeous rack.

Check out the Instagram post below that Leeper himself posted.

In the post, there is a set of photos along with a video. We can see just how big the buck is as the hunter poses alongside it. The antlers are absolutely impressive. He also posted the trail cam footage from when he was stalking the beast. However, the story that the hunter shared is even better than the photos, or the video can show.

Trail Cam Footage Helps Take Down Buck

This is some serious hunting that Stephen put in. There aren’t many folks that would dedicate themselves to an animal like this. He claims that early in the season, he missed out on some “stud whitetail deer” and just didn’t have the luck to get a kill.

After a friend of his knocked down a double drop tine buck the two had been after, he was determined to get his own big kill. So, he started looking at his trail cams. November came around, and he noticed this deer with a lump on its shoulder. Over time, it just got worse.

“I was constantly checking cameras and moving cameras trying to figure out what he was doing. I was pretty confident I had figured out his main core bedding area and that he never wanted to leave it for more than a few hours max,” the hunter explained.

So, he got trail cams around the perimeter of the bedding area. He had locked down the location. Then, he moved in. “I was blessed to be able to squeeze the arrow through an opening at 43 yards to seal the deal!”

By the looks of the kill, he didn’t have a lot of time left. Rut season, along with that infection, had done a number on him. Thankfully, he wasn’t lost to the buzzards due to Leeper’s ingenuity and determination. All thanks to some trusty trail cam footage.