Tropical Depression Fred Leaves 30 Missing After Devastating Parts of North Carolina

by Madison Miller

On Wednesday, August 19, Tropical Depression Fred bulldozed its way through parts of North Carolina.

As of now, there are more than 30 people currently missing in the state. 

North Carolina Devastated From Tropical Depression Fred

Emergency officials are currently searching for these individuals that have not been heard from on foot as well as in ATVs that can drive through closed roads. As Fred hit the state, the result was intense flash flooding, followed by a destructive path of tornadoes and mudslides as well. 

The storm hit parts of rural North Carolina the worst. Now, roads have been completely washed away in Western parts of the state and there are several homes completely destroyed. 

According to Daily Mail, Sheriff Greg Christopher shared that he and his department are currently investigating several reports of fatalities in the area. “As the water level began to rise – a whole lot faster than I have ever saw it rise here in our county – we soon started to have to rescue people from their homes and provide additional assistance to our residents and to our fire departments,” he said. 

There are crews out floating in front of homes out in the country looking for people to rescue. According to WRAL, that running number was at about 13 adults and two children saved so far. The entire situation caught a lot of people off guard. Several communities, such as Asheville, were told to shelter in place because roads were completely impassable. Others, if able, were told to evacuate.

On the same boat, there are going to be water outages due to water line breaks throughout the state. 

Hurricane Grace, Fred and More

Poor weather is hitting the country as hard as ever. Storms are evolving and developing, getting worse and worse. For example, Grace was strengthened to a hurricane as it moved toward Mexico. It’s the second hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season so far. 

Grace is still active in the Atlantic. 

Meanwhile, that Post-Tropical Cyclone Fred brought a fury of rain and, therefore, a state of emergency issued by Governor Roy Cooper. According to USA Today, Fred started in Florida as a tropical storm. Then it carried some tornadoes into Georgia and North Carolina. One man died in Florida after his car overturned and went into a deep ditch filled with water. 

The National Weather Service has reported a whopping 14 possible tornadoes in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

There’s still more to come, as well. 

The remnants of the Tropical Depression Fred will move into Pennsylvania and then the southern part of New York and New England. At that point, it will likely be a non-tropical low. 

Unfortunately, another storm is being looked at as a future hurricane in the area. By Friday, the storm named Henri could be considered hurricane strength as southern New England is in its possible path of destruction. As of now, however, it’s not entirely clear where it will go.