PHOTO: Turtle Crashes Through Car’s Windshield on Florida Highway

by Will Shepard

It seems like a given that the day’s craziest news comes out of Florida. Today is no different than any other day. This time though, it was a turtle wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting person.

A turtle came flying through a car’s windshield in Florida. If that wasn’t crazy enough, this is not the first time that an accident like this has happened.

Nonetheless, a 71-year-old woman was riding down Interstate 95 outside of Port Orange, Florida, on Wednesday. All of a sudden, a turtle came flying through the car’s windshield and hit her in the head. When the accident happened, her daughter was driving the car.

As soon as she could, the daughter called 911. “She’s got so much blood coming out of her head,” the panicked audio read according to CNN affiliate WKMG.

Is There Anything Scarier Than a Turtle Hurtling Through a Car Windshield?

In the same phone call with 911, the 71-year-old woman’s daughter didn’t realize that it was a turtle. As the call’s transcript shows, the daughter believed that it was a piece of pavement.

When someone stopped to see if everything was okay, the daughter realized what shattered the windshield. In astonishment after the stopped car showed her what it was, “An actual turtle?”

Although the 71-year-old needed to go to the hospital because of the accident, she was alright. Even the turtle was okay after flying into the car. There were only a few scratches on its shell.

Despite the accident, no one could figure out how the turtle got airborne. However, the most likely scenario they thought was that it was hit just right and was launched into the air.

Another time a turtle broke through a car in Florida was in 2016 on Interstate 4. When this happened, a woman was also hit by the reptile, but only had a small bump on her head and minor cuts. During that accident, the turtle survived as well.

This freak accident has also happened in Georgia. In this instance, the reptile hit the passenger in the face after flying through the windshield.