Two Bears Move Their Intense Fight into a Lake Tahoe Home’s Garage, Exchange Shots at Each Other

by Dustin Schutte

Two bears in Lake Tahoe, California turned a local resident’s garage into their owning boxing ring. The uninvited guests didn’t clean up after themselves when the fight concluded, either.

A “strange growling” noise from outside awakened homeowner Lisa Quick, according to ABC 7. She assumed that sound came from a bear but suspected the creature had stumbled upon a raccoon or coyote. What she didn’t know at the time was that an all-out brawl was occurring between two bears in her carport.

“I screamed and my dogs started barking and we ran out there to break it up,” Quick told ABC. “I see bears every single day but we’ve never had them fight before.”

This was no playful fight, either. The two animals took vicious shots at one another while inside Quick’s carport. The scuffle left behind an unbearable mess, which you can see in thanks to the owner’s Ring security camera.

Nobody wants to get in the middle of that fight.

Bears are quite common in the Lake Tahoe area and Quick indicated they aren’t overly bothersome. She says she can typically chase them off from her carport by making some noise.

Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Bears appear to be a little more polite in Asheville, North Carolina, nearly 2,500 miles from Lake Tahoe. At least one has learned some of the basic traffic rules for pedestrians, as well.

A black bear traveling through downtown Asheville made news in April after looking both ways before crossing the street. Passerby Stephen Collins captured footage of the animal safely crossing the busy street.

Not only did the downtown visitor properly adhere to the crosswalk rules, but it also didn’t seem bothered by the unique surroundings. Maybe it prefers city life to the typical Country Bear Jamboree.

In all seriousness, the bear likely stumbled into downtown in a quest for food. The University of North Carolina-Charlotte reports there are more than 15,000 bears located throughout the state. This wanderer probably just got off course somewhere along the way.

At least this straggler has learned enough to know how to properly cross the street.