Two Climbers Fall to Their Deaths After Attempting to Scale Cliffs in Spain

by Kati Michelle

As with any outdoor activity, there’s always the presence of certain inherent risks. Climbers know this firsthand– especially those that free solo climb. Two Americans were reportedly practicing their solo climbing off the coast of Spain, more specifically Mallorca, when something went horribly wrong.

While climbing Mallorca’s cliffs, the pair thought they could rely on the water below them as a cushion in the event of a fall. This is actually one of the many different climbing styles that falls under the “free solo” and “solo climbing” umbrella. Unfortunately, “psicobloc” climbing didn’t work out in their favor. Instead, the two climbers fell to their deaths. More on that tragic incident below.

Bodies of Climbers Recovered

According to The Guardian, the 25 and 35-year-old men decided to take a trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca from Barcelona on Tuesday. The pair planned to spend their day climbing the caves and cliffs near the port of Portocolom. The area is popular within the climbing community and others have found the water to minimize injury. However, that’s not always the case as we see here.

A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil in Mallorca commented on recovering the climbers’ bodies after their horrific accident: “A local lifeguard and some nearby swimmers provided him with first aid but were unable to revive him. Then another body was spotted closer to the cave. The maritime rescue service arrived but there was nothing more to be done.”

This maritime rescue service also partnered with local firefighters and police to transport their bodies to the city. In the meantime, the area of the incident became the scrutiny of an investigation. The Guardia Civil spokesperson said officials were able to find the climbers’ belongings and keys to their vehicle. Upon locating the vehicle, officials also found passports showing that the men were indeed American. They immediately informed the US consulate. The investigation remains open, but foul play is not a consideration at the moment. Whether it was caused by a rock slide or a slip, all evidence points to a tragic accident.

Climbing Legends Post Their Tributes

The climbing community is a very tight-knit one. Although there are more advanced climbers and rookie climbers, the sport is very welcoming and takes care of its own. Two legendary climbers from the area jumped onto Twitter to offer their condolences right away. Although the Tweet isn’t written in English, a translation provides the following:

“Consternation and a lot of pain following the news we’ve just received that two climbers died while doing psicobloc today. Everything points towards a rock slide. RIP.”

You can check out the Tweet below: