WATCH: Two Cowboys Save the Day, Lasso Loose Cow on Oklahoma City Highway

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Forget street justice – how about ranch justice? When a cow got loose on I-40 in Oklahoma City, two cowboys took charge and ended up wrangling it down.

Monday morning’s chase was caught on video from above by KOCO 5 TV. The reporter provides some hilarious play-by-play commentary as well.

While the cow was running alongside the highway, two folks in four-wheelers attempted to safely divert the cow against a parallel fence, but it was still able to escape the trap. That endeavor was able to slow its momentum, and out of nowhere came a full-fledged cowboy riding a horse.

The cowboy lassoed the escaped cow on the first try. By the time they got to the next intersection a few yards down the road, the cowboy was able to slow the cow to a halt. It was then that the second cowboy came along to wrangle its legs and get it to the ground.

“Get him, get him, get him, get him! Stay on him, stay on him! Yes! Yes! Bring him on in! You got it, you got it, you got it! Woo-hoo! That is awesome! Now get the hinds, get the hinds! Get off the horse, get off the horse!” the reporter commented as the situation unfolded. Easy for you to say up in the helicopter, bud.

Thanks to these cowboys’ heroics, it looks like everyone – including the cow – escaped the situation safely.

Grizzly Chases Herd of Wild Horses

A recent video captured by trail cam showed a grizzly bear in the woods chasing down an entire pack of wild horses. It was probably most interested in the foal, but it would not have minded catching a full-grown one.

Although grizzlies can run up to 35 miles per hour, horses can obviously run faster. Even though they escaped – at least as long as this video shows – the chase undoubtedly put some fear into the pack. They probably won’t be roaming that area of the woods anymore.