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Two Fighting Pythons Collapse Ceiling in Australian Man’s Kitchen

by Chris Haney
Photo credit should read Fachrul Reza / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

An Australian man was shocked to return home and find out his kitchen ceiling had collapsed. The cause of the damage to the house was even more surprising. The culprits were two large pythons apparently fighting over a mate.

David Tait entered his home in Laceys Creek in Queensland state on Monday and found a large portion of his ceiling lying on his kitchen table. Yet, there was no evidence of what had caused the property damage.

“I knew we hadn’t had rain, so I looked around to find what had caused it,” Tait told Nine Network television on Tuesday.

He quickly came across the two enormous non-venomous carpet pythons. In fact, one measured 9-foot-2-inches while the other was 8-foot-2-inches long. The snakes then separated after falling as one slithered into a bedroom and the other into Tait’s living room. The two pythons weighed over 100 pounds according to estimates.

Afterward, snake catcher Steven Brown removed the two snakes and returned them to the wild.

“I would assume that it was two males fighting over a female that was nearby in the roof,” Brown said. He suspected the female could still be in the ceiling or nearby.

Twitter Reacts to Pythons Falling From the Ceiling

Of course many expressed how creeped out they were by the snake incident in Australia on Twitter.

Strange snake-based stories were popular this week. In addition to the two pythons, a Russian woman had a snake removed from her throat by doctors.

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