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Two Grizzly Bears Brutally Fight Over Fish in Alaska

by Chris Haney
Photo by: David Tipling/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Two grizzly bears were photographed in southwestern Alaska brutally attacking each other as they battled over a fish that was just caught from the nearby river. 

The two brown-haired bears became extremely aggressive over the food and eventually came to blows over the fish. As the bears fought, they sank their paws and teeth into each other during the violent attack. 

Photographer Kevin Dooley came across the 16-year-old female bear fighting with the younger five-year-old male bear. 

 Initially, the younger bear caught the fish. But, the older female bear then snatched it away in hopes of taking it to her two cubs. Consequently, the male bear attacked the female in retaliation.

As the two large grizzly bears started to fight, the fish went flying into the air. As the bears tussled over the food, the older female stood her ground. In the end, the mother bear came out on top and indeed fed her two cubs with the prize fish.

Dooley, a 59-year-old safari leader from Albuquerque, NM explained further details on the encounter.

“The female is the senior bear in the area. The younger male moved into the fishing area and caught his own fish while the mother was busy with her cubs,” Dooley said. “The mother bear saw all the action of the younger bear catching a fish in her area and attacked him and took the fish. She ended up with it.”

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On September 11 at Yellowstone National Park, footage captured a grizzly bear taking on an entire pack of wolves.

The wolf pack had just finished a successful bison hunt and began to rest after a long day. A grizzly bear smelled the freshly killed bison and tried to take the wolves’ meal.

What started as one huge grizzly bear against a few wolves changed quickly. The bear suddenly found itself challenged by most of the pack that consists of 20 wolves.

After a hard-fought battle, all of the animals walked away and the wolves kept their meal.

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