Two Grizzly Bears Filmed in Brutal Clash Captured on 3 Different Camera Angles: VIDEO

by Jon D. B.

Clash of the Titans: Watch as these two enormous grizzly bears get the Hollywood camera treatment for their knock-down, drag-out brawl.

Few things will humble you in life like seeing a grizzly bear up close in the wild. Adrenaline pumps immediately. Every sense that your mind and body hold kicks into overdrive. That is, if you survive.

Now imagine seeing not one, but two massive grizzlies absolutely tearing each other apart. You can do that just now with front-row seats. And it’s all thanks to Finland’s Samulin Matkassa.

Matkassa footage showing such a bout has amassed 1 million views on YouTube, and it’s not hard to imagine why. The titanic grizzly bears go at it – full force – in the middle of picture-perfect woods. It’s like something out of a Hollywood documentary – especially considering Matkassa managed to capture it from three different angles.

“Big brown bears fighting in Kuhmo, Finland. The fight took place near the bear hides operated by Boreal Wildlife Centre.”

Samulin Matkassa

Within, the two grizzlies can be seen grazing on undergrowth before one takes up issue with each other. Then, things get loud quickly. After a few challenging growls and full-on roars, the challenge is afoot. And fur flies.

A full gamut of fascinating grizzly bear behavior is on display here. Like most mammals, grizzlies will fluff out their coats to appear larger. This is often in tandem with an upright stance on the hind legs. Both serve to make the bear look intimidating – and considerably larger.

If that doesn’t ward off an opponent, then it’s time to return to all fours, stomp the ground, and fight.

So Are These Grizzly Bears Or Brown Bears?

As Matkassa describes, the bears are indeed brown bears. So why call them grizzlies?

It’s a tricky question at times, but one that has a solid answer. Grizzly bear is a name we hear often in North America, as we use it to define a subspecies specifically. Technically, all grizzly bears are brown bears. So if you’re in doubt, brown bear will always work.

A grizzly bear specifically, however, is a brown bear that lives inland and feeds there like those we see above. A brown bear, though, is one that feeds in a coastal region. Not just a water source, mind you, like in Katmai National Park where approx. 2,200 grizzlies and browns famously feed on salmon at Brooks Falls both inland and coastal. The distinction lies in the word and locale of coastal. Inland bears, such as those at Yellowstone National Park, are grizzlies.

So consider the difference this way. Inland = Grizzly bear. Coastal = Brown bear.

No matter what you call the bears above, however, it’s a remarkable display of nature. Many thanks to Finland’s Samulin Matkassa for capturing this incredible bout for the world to see from the comfort of their screens.