Two Lions Roam Singapore Airport After Escaping Enclosure

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Airports and airlines alike have seen a string of strange, frustrating, and unique challenges in the last year or so. The fact is especially true since the coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed travel. Previously, major flight delays and cancelations made headlines ahead of the holidays. Now, however, one Singapore airport snagged quite a story for itself when two lions prepped for transportation escaped their enclosure to wander the airport.

According to the New York Post, the pair of animals escaped as Singapore Airlines loaded several other exotic beasts onto a plane. Reportedly, one lion was seen lounging on top of the crate ahead of its journey to an “overseas facility.”

As you might imagine, their appearance and escape caused mass panic at the airport. Soon enough, veterinary professionals came with tranquilizer guns in efforts to contain the lions. As per the outlet, the lions had been in a tense “standoff” with Changi Airport staff before their tranquilization.

Following their walk about the airport, the lions are recovering from their sedation among the Mandai Wildlife Group. The outlet reports the wildlife group is “Singapore’s only wildlife facility that is equipped to look after large carnivores.”

Of the situation overall, Singapore Airlines stated, “The immediate priority is the lions’ well-being.”

Despite the resulting panic, the airline reported no disruption to company operations. The lions saw containment within a safety net surrounding the entire container.

Oregon Sea Lion Takes Walk About Town, Escorted Back to Ocean

In another unique, less terrifying event, a creature on the other side of the Pacific went for a walk around an Oregon town.

As Outsiders probably know, the OR coast serves as a home for many hungry sea lions. However, one adventurous sea lion became separated from the herd when she swam upstream. She soon found herself exploring Lincoln City, OR.

Soon enough, local law enforcement began receiving calls regarding the lone sea lion. Naming the adventurous creature Tiffany, Lincoln City Police Department sprung into action to escort the sea lion back to the ocean.

Their efforts began with fish bait, which was surely a tasty treat for a hungry sea lion. One local fish house, Kenny’s IGA Village Market, even donated several packages of fish to help guide Tiffany home. However, Tiffany wound up refusing the literal bait, and rescuers embarked on a new plan.

Instead, officers used sheets of plywood to corral the sea lion and send her in the right direction.

While the endeavor was exhausting on both the rescuers’ and rescuee’s part, Tiffany finally made it back to an opening in the water source, which led back downstream toward home. Rescuers report the sea lion required several breaks and soaks from garden hoses to maintain her health.

Though low at the time of arrival, the Lincoln City Police Department reported that the sea lion was content to wait for the next high tide, leading her out to the sea.