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Watch: Two Massive Grizzlies Fight Over Elk Carcass in Yellowstone

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

The footage highlights a recent fight between two massive Grizzly bears in Yellowstone.

Why are these mammoth mammals going at it? A prized elk carcass.

This past week, visitors to Yellowstone National Park were witness to a Grizzly bear attacking a massive bull elk in Yellowstone River. While the bear eventually wins their titanic struggle, it was an impressive effort by both. The same Grizzly then made headlines for what came next – defending his kill. Now – a whole week later – he’s still at it.

This time, however, the threat isn’t tourists. It’s another enormous grizzly.

Massive Grizzly bears fight over prized elk carcass

In a brilliant stretch of footage, outdoorsman Diver Dave manages to capture two truly gigantic Grizzlies brawling over dinner rights.

The clip starts out calmly enough – with a single bear going about his feeding. Things quickly take a turn for the boisterous. A rival male barges down the riverbank directly for the feeding Grizzly and goes in for the kill. Both bears let loose with incredible roars – biting and clawing into each other.

The resulting sounds of such a battle are remarkable:

Videographer Dave says it was a previous video on YouTube that made him go out into Yellowstone to look for the bears. Needless to say, he was not expecting to capture what he did:

“Last weekend a large Grizzly took down a Bull Elk in Yellowstone River just South of Canyon Village and dragged it back to shore. There is an amazing video on YouTube capturing this event. I was able to film 2 Grizzlies fighting over the carcass early this morning. National Geographic, eat your heart out.”

Diver Dave, Youtube

The attacking bear can be seen wearing a tracking collar. It has yet to be identified by Yellowstone.

The feeding grizzly, however, is a 2020 celebrity. Known as “791” to Yellowstone Park officials, the huge male is an undeniable presence in the park. Thanks to Diver Dave’s spectacular footage, it looks like Grizzly 791 will be in the limelight even longer.

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