Two Missing Massachusetts Hikers Fall To Their Death From Ice-Covered Cliff in Acadia National Park

by Chris Haney

On Saturday, the bodies of two missing hikers were discovered by a volunteer search party in Maine’s Acadia National Park.

According to local authorities, the Rutland, Massachusetts couple was reported as missing by their relatives. The 28-year-old man and 30-year-old woman reportedly fell to their death while hiking along an icy cliff on Dorr Mountain. In a statement made by the National Park Service, officials said the two hikers fell around 100 feet. Neither of their names have been released to the public.

Following their family’s missing persons report, officials organized a ground search party. 15 volunteers set out looking for the hikers on Saturday. The search crew consisted of volunteers from Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue. In addition, park staff members and a Maine Forest Service helicopter joined the search, according to an NBC News report. Rescue workers on foot found the two bodies late Saturday morning.

Supposedly, the two hikers made it to Bar Harbor, Maine on Tuesday. The unnamed woman spoke to her family on Thursday around noon on her cellphone. She mentioned that the couple were looking into hiking Cadillac Mountain, which is close to Dorr Mountain. That’s the last time anyone made contact with the couple.

The man and woman were scheduled to check out of their hotel and return a rental vehicle on Friday. However, their family became worried after neither task was completed. Previous to Saturday’s ground search, the Coast Guard helicopter searched the area Friday night. The helicopter used thermal imaging technology to search the north and east sides of Cadillac and Dorr mountains. Yet the aircraft was unsuccessful in finding the hikers.

Maine State Police and National Park Service rangers are investigating the incident. The Bar Harbor Police Department is assisting with the case.

Hikers in Arkansas Warned After Man Finds Himself Surrounded by Rattlesnakes

During another recent hiking incident, a man in Arkansas found himself surrounded by rattlesnakes coming out of hibernation. The hiker escaped with dozens of scrapes and bruises but lived to share his cautionary tale.

Stephen Gossow went to Ozark-St. Francis National Forest to explore. He and his dog trekked through local creeks, cliffs, and rock formations during their excursion.

“I’m an avid outdoorsman, I love to explore with my dog Khal Drogo,” Gossow recalled. “I decided to hit the woods with my pup and get some fresh air. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going, a mistake that could have been deadly.”

Little did Gossow know, as he took a break on a cliffside, he and his dog rested in the middle of a rattlesnake nest. It was the perfect storm. Diamondback rattlesnakes were coming out of hibernation. They also were looking to rest in the sun, in the exact same area that Gossow stopped for a breather.

Gossow grabbed his dog and quickly moved away. However, everywhere he turned, the hiker came face to face with another rattlesnake.

“As soon as I stepped around a tree by the rocks, I stepped right beside another rattlesnake. All I could do was lunge forward over the snake with Khal Drogo and down the steep incline we went!” he explained. “We rolled a little ways and got caught in some thick briars. Don’t worry! My neck broke my fall!”

Thankfully, Gossow and his pup weren’t bitten. Yet his Facebook photos highlight the injuries he sustained from his fall. The outdoorsman shared his story to help bring awareness to the dangers of the area. He hopes others will learn from his mistakes.