Two Monkeys Captured for Killing 250 Dogs in Revenge Massacre

by Clayton Edwards

 Earlier this month, a small Indian village was host to what many are calling a monkey-led revenge massacre. The primates set upon the community and started murdering dogs. Now, authorities have apprehended two of the simian serial killers.

Admittedly, a monkey revenge massacre in which the primates kill dogs sounds like the plot of a low-budget horror movie. However, that’s what villagers in Lavool, located in the Beed district of Maharashtra, India say happened. According to the New York Post, it all started in mid-November when a pack of local dogs killed a baby monkey.

Since then, the monkeys have been out for blood. To date, they’ve killed about 250 dogs in the Beed district. Every time the psycho simians see a canine, they snatch it, carry it to a high place, and drop it to its doom. Sometimes, they would take dogs to a high place and leave them to choose between starvation and leaping to their deaths. That’s not even the worst part of it. These monkeys are killing puppies. In fact, the Post reports that nearly every puppy in the village is dead after the weeks-long monkey revenge massacre.

Villagers reportedly called in the local Forest Service. However, when officials arrived, the monkeys slipped back into the trees and waited for them to leave. As a result, locals tried to take matters into their own hands. As you would expect from monkeys who go on a weeks-long revenge-fueled massacre, they didn’t go quietly. Several local men sustained injuries after trying to apprehend the monkeys.

Serial-Killing Simians Captured After Weeks-Long Monkey Revenge Massacre

Tuesday, the Post shared some good news with its readers. Two of the monkey murderers responsible for the revenge massacre are in custody. Forest Officer Sachin Kand said, “Two monkeys involved in the killing of many puppies have been captured by a Nagpur Forest Department team in Beed.” However, the report doesn’t state how many monkeys were originally involved.

These small old-world monkeys won’t face prosecution nor will authorities put them to sleep. Instead, they will release the lunatic langurs in a forest some miles away. Hopefully, this will be enough to break the spirit of the other monkeys and put an end to the revenge massacre.

A local authority stated that there is no proof that the monkeys were getting revenge with their puppy massacre. “It’s animal behavior and we cannot ascertain why they are behaving like this,” the authority said.  However, it’s hard to see this in any other light. A pack of dogs killed a baby monkey right before the furry felons started dropping puppies from rooftops. It seems like a clear-cut case of “an eye for an eye” in the animal kingdom.

Regardless of the motive, it seems like these villagers are dealing with some sadistic simians. Hopefully, removing the pair of monkeys will be enough to put an end to the inter-species war.