Two Moose on the Loose Shut Down Interstate

by Amanda Glover

Has anyone ever heard of the phrase, cat and mouse? Well, two troopers were playing cat and moose along Parleys Canyon.

On Sunday afternoon, state troopers in Parleys Canyon, Utah shut down I-80 in both directions. This was due to two large animals on the loose on the highway. After the event went viral, The Salt Lake Tribune posted the event on its Twitter page. Their caption read: “Watch out: I-80 in Parleys Canyon is currently closed in both directions as troopers try to catch two loose moose.”

The Utah Highway Patrol later announced precautions on Twitter as well. “There are two moose loose and as soon as we can and have them tranquilized and transported out of the area the canyon will re-open permanently. Please use caution as you approach our emergency vehicles.”

So Outsiders, what would you do if two creatures of that size stopped at your driver’s window while on the highway? We can only imagine what went on in the minds of those on the highway.

Moose Busts Through School Window in Canada

Well, this is one way to get the teacher’s attention.

Last year in early November, a moose crashed through a Canadian school window.

Pat Dubois of the PD & Morning Show posted photos of the frightened animal getting into a Saskatoon public school. Another parent caught the female creature on video and posted it to Facebook.

Her post read: “Soooo the moose in Saskatoon just broke through the window at Sylvia Fedoruk school. No one was hurt. Kids are fine. What a morning.”

A frightened animal ended up in the first-floor classroom at Sylvia Fedoruk School in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Conservation Officer Service officials received calls about the animal in the area at 5:30 a.m. They claimed that the creature, probably 6 feet tall, ran toward the school after getting scared by dogs or other pets. 

Inspector Steve Dobko informed the Global News website that the creature was “obviously panicked and went through a glass window.” Sounds like it hurt.

The inspector reported that he assumed children were in the classroom when the moose went through the window. According to Dobko, the school’s community entrance hosted kids as parents dropped them off in the morning.

Another parent, Ashley Young, discussed the event on Facebook. “It’s not every day your kid yells, ‘mom, there is a moose in the school,’ and not be sh—— you! Poor thing went right through the front window, quite the exciting morning!”