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Two Poachers Caught After Trying to Load Deer in Taxicab

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Metin Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Two people decided that they would not only illegally poach a deer, but they would use a taxi as their undercover form of transportation. Obviously, they rightfully got caught.

A couple of people in Cortland County, New York went out and illegally killed a deer. On the drive there they decided to call a taxi.

Then, the next day came around and they wanted to recover the deer they had killed. What better way to get there than to call a taxi once again?

According to Field and Stream, the men happened to call the same cab twice in a row. Although they thought this would be the more careful route, they got busted. They got to work loading the deer carcass into the taxi. For whatever reason, the taxi driver allowed this to happen.

As they were loading, however, the nearby New York Environment Conservation Police caught them in the act.

The two poachers were then taken into custody. Given just how serious of a crime poaching is, these men are now facing at least nine charges. Some of the charges include shooting from a public highway, taking big game during a closed season, criminal possession of a weapon, taking deer with the aid of artificial light, and taking wildlife from a motor vehicle.

They will possibly face even more charges. It’s unclear if they will serve any jail time, but they will definitely not be allowed to hunt anytime soon.

Increase in Poaching in 2021

For some states, there has been a sharp increase in the number of poachers. This includes Utah. ABC 4 reported that the state had 1,153 animals illegally killed last year. This was 100 more than what was killed the year before that. The animals illegally killed include 180 deer, 34 buck deer, five moose, 18 bull elk, one bighorn sheep, 11 bears, and 17 cougars.

There are many reasons to explain why poaching numbers can go up in a specific area. One of the main reasons is when there is more of a certain species present. Individuals will often get over-excited and go hunting before checking that they have tags, proper licensing, and are hunting within the appropriate season. Sometimes, people may not know enough about certain regulations.

“The more ducks that are available, the more potential there is for a duck to get illegally killed. Sometimes people get a little carried away or don’t really quite understand the regulations,” Chad Bettridge, the operations captain at the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources, said to the news outlet.

Meanwhile, other poachers know exactly what they’re doing. By illegally poaching animals, they are attempting to blatantly ignore lawful fines and regulations. By intentionally poaching big game, people risk jail time, large fines, and losing their hunting privileges.