Two Utah Skiers Cause Avalanche, One Still Missing

by Keeli Parkey

An avalanche has buried a person while skiing in Utah and rescue workers are doing their very best to rescue the skier before it’s too late.

According to a report by, the avalanche took place on Saturday (Jan. 30) in the backcountry of Utah around 3:30 p.m. Two skiers reportedly set off the avalanche in the location called Square Top.

This location is outside the resort boundaries of the Park City Mountains Canyon Village. The Summit County Sheriff’s Department has been advising the media on the avalanche.

One of the skiers who triggered the avalanche was able to escape. However, the second was not so lucky. The skier who got free “attempted life-saving efforts” on the friend after the incident took place. Unfortunately, he had to leave the location due to “extreme avalanche danger,” the Summit County Sheriff’s Department reported.

Search Underway for Missing Skier

During the afternoon hours of Jan. 31, officials reportedly did not know if the buried skier was still alive. Law enforcement hoped to have more information available once they were able to talk with the avalanche victim.

The search for the missing skier began on Saturday, but it was unfortunately stalled due to harsh outdoor conditions. Operations reportedly resumed on Sunday at 7 a.m. The Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter team has joined the search.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Department is keeping the public informed about the search via Twitter. “We are attempting to make the area safe so personnel can get into the burial site,” a tweet posted on Sunday sai. “Updates will be given when new information is available.”

Utah officials are also reminding any individuals who plan to go into the state’s backcountry to use extreme caution. You should check avalanche conditions before leaving. Also, officials have issued a reminder that proper equipment should be taken along with you into the backcountry.

Individual Chased by Massive Bear on Ski Slope Caught on Video

Skiing can be a dangerous sport. In addition to the avalanche experienced by the skiers in Utah, another skier was recently pursued by a massive wild animal while on the slopes.

The chase, which was recorded, took place in Romania. In it, a brown bear pursues a tourist down the mountain in Predeal. Unsurprisingly, onlookers, including those riding the chairlift above the slope, freaked out and did what they could to alert the skier to the bear trailing behind him.

Newsweek translated the comments from the onlookers: “Faster, faster! Come on, the bear is chasing you! Faster! God forbid, don’t look back!”

The brown bear chased the skier at a very fast pace. To distract the bear, the skier throws his/her backpack down into the snow. Luckily, the bear is taken in by the bag and ceases its pursuit of the skier.