UK Hunting Group Apologizes After Hunting Dogs Crash Funeral

by Atlanta Northcutt

A United Kingdom hunting group is hounded after more than two dozen hounds crash a funeral.

As those attending a funeral in the UK were mourning the loss of their loved one, over 20 hounds came rushing through the crematorium trailing the scent of a fox.

“I was there,” says one source. “It was my auntie’s funeral when they sent about 20 or 30 hounds chasing a fox through the crematorium when there was a funeral in progress,” says one witness.

Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt Hounded Due to Hounds

Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt has apologized and offered deep condolences for the occurrence on Dec. 16 in Peterborough.

“You also had some idiot in his red coat on horseback darting up and down screaming and shouting without a care in the world for those families saying goodbye,” adds another individual.

The hounds crashing the funeral resulted in the cancelation of two of the largest hunts. This is the first cancellation of a Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt over 350 years.

The Chase Leads to More Tension

The incident has only added fuel to the fire between hunting groups and wildlife advocates. Advocates request the shut down of these forms of hunts.

A spokesperson for the hunting group told Peterborough Matters:  “On 16 December, the Fitzwilliam (Milton) hounds briefly entered the grounds of Peterborough Crematorium.” 

 “The Hunt has apologized unreservedly for any distress caused. It asks Crematorium management to pass on this apology to the mourners and funeral directors involved. The incident is unintentional and occurs as we take hounds through Mucklands Wood towards Milton Park. The recovery of the hounds was as quickly as possible.”

However, complaints continue as one individual states, “Absolutely disgusting behavior from the Fitzwilliam red coat fox hunters today… You could hear the fox howl escaping the woods and running for safety into the crematorium followed by dogs charging across the road and into the crematorium too.”

In 2004, the UK outlawed fox hunts. However, there are several loopholes when it comes to enforcing the law. “Trail hunting” is one of those ways in which hounds follow the artificial scent of a fox.