Utah Buck Stumbles into Hammock, Gets Antlers Tangled in ‘String’

by Matthew Memrick

A Utah buck’s antler encounter with a hammock made for a humorous ‘string’ moment this week.

Imagine a dog with a shaggy bob that can barely see with the hair hanging down over its face. Think Sam Sheepdog from the old Looney Tunes cartoons. Clearly, this poor buck’s needed a hoove. 

But instead, Yahoo! News reported it got a hand or two to get all that string out.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officials tranquilized the mule deer buck to remove the big ol’ ball of string from its head. Officials found the deer in Parowan in the southwestern part of the state.

“The buck was not able to see through what we suspect was a tangled hammock,” the division said on Facebook. “Our biologists tranquilized the buck, removed the string, and placed a GPS collar on the buck.”

The biologists examined the buck and released it.

Social media fans chimed in to express thanks and also weigh in on the beast’s predicament.

Dustin Pugh wondered, “Is it just me, or does it look like the antlers were cut off in the second picture, then magically grown back…. possibly two different bucks right there. Dwr want to explain that…..???”

We’ll have to wait for a DWR answer, Dustin.

More Animal Hijinks

This week has been quite the week for things stuck on bucks.

Deer and other animals often get tangled in objects from yards and other residential areas.

The story of the Colorado elk and the tire came to light this week. Officials removed a 35-pound tire on Saturday from the 600-pound elk. The McClatchy News Service reported on the elk’s rescue, saying the animal had the tire around its head for nearly half its life. The elk dodged four attempts to free it.

“It was tight removing it,” wildlife officer Scott Murdoch said in a statement. “It was not easy for sure. We had to move it just right to get it off because we weren’t able to cut the steel in the bead of the tire.”

Fortunately, the bull’s neck still had a little room to move.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said they first spotted the tired, er, tire-trapped elk in July 2019. They estimated it was four 1/2-years old then.

The Darndest Things

You name it, probably an elk or deer or moose has worn it to the ball.

“Wildlife officers have seen deer, elk, moose, bears, and other wildlife become entangled in a number of man-made obstacles that include swing sets, hammocks, clothing lines, decorative or holiday lighting, furniture, tomato cages, chicken feeders, laundry baskets, soccer goals or volleyball nets, and yes, tires,” officials said.

When getting food or water, these animals often get caught up with ropes, twine, Christmas lights, and other stringy stuff.

Also, in Colorado, a festive buck tangled with some Christmas lights and lost. Officials said the lights hung from its neck and antlers.

Another California buck went with the electrical wire look for weeks before being rescued. In that case, officials trimmed the buck’s antlers.