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Utah Couple Getting Snow Delivered for Terminally Ill Dog to Play In Will Utterly Devastate You

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Omer Urer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

If you’re not looking to cry today, perhaps this isn’t the article for you. A couple from Utah made the very last moments in their beloved dog’s life as memorable as possible. Maggie was a dog from Salt Lake City, Utah who had a strong passion for cold weather, especially snow.

In order to make Maggie’s deathbed as loving and special as possible, snow was delivered to Maggie. She suffers from a terminal illness and recently had to be put down. That wasn’t before she got one last chance to play around in the snow with her loving parents.

Dog Gets Royal Snow Thrown

The images of the absolutely heartwarming act of pet love were shared on Twitter. In the images, you can see Maggie on top of her throne of snow. There is even a stick in the snow that has a white sign that reads, “Maggie’s Snow.”

One commenter on Twitter wrote, “So sad but beautiful. RIP Maggie.”

According to KUTV, this amazing act of kindness is in special thanks to the staff at the Salt Lake County Ice Center. The business heard the couple’s request for snow, which was strange to them considering it’s September.

The business shared a heartwarming Facebook post about getting to be involved in Maggie’s final moments before passing away from cancer. “This weekend, a resident contacted our Salt Lake County Ice Center seeking a little snow for their dying dog, Maggie, to play in one last time. Today, our staff shaved some extra ice, loaded it into bins and buckets, and the owner took the snow home, to Maggie’s backyard, where she enjoyed it with her family. Sending our love and condolences to Maggie’s family. We appreciate the unique privilege of providing her a little heaven on earth,” the post said.

The post contains a screenshot of the couple’s original post in which they are asking if anyone has a shaved ice machine. She wrote that she wanted Maggie to have “one last snowbank to roll in.”

The entire internet is now blessed to be in on the story and getting to see Maggie on her snow throne one last time.

Veterinarian Shares Her Parting Gift She Gives Dogs

Life with a pet is special and those years alongside your best friend are something pet lovers always look back on.

Sadly, dogs and other pets don’t get to live forever, although they certainly seem to deserve to.

One veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Namie, shared how she likes to say goodbye to dogs that come into the vet she works at. She shared an image on Facebook of a jar of Hersey’s Kisses. Written on the jar is “goodbye kisses.”

Most people know that chocolate is one of the biggest no-nos for dogs. However, in their final moments, Namie wants to give these dogs a very meaningful and special treat. “This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments… because no dog should go to heaven without tasting chocolate,” she wrote alongside the post.

Her post has gotten a lot of attention since. It has been shared by thousands of animal lovers who seem to share that same belief that every dog should get to experience the sweet taste of chocolate at least once.