Utah Treasure Hunt Draws Hundreds Hoping to Find Hidden Chest Filled With Cash

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bernard P. Friel/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

People are tapping into their inner “National Treasure” selves to find a hidden treasure in the Utah wilderness. Now there are treasure hunters tumbling through the mountains in search of some pretty serious loot.

There are going to be hundreds to thousands of people swarming to the Utah wilderness in search of $10,000. Two friends, John Maxim and David Cline, buried the large sum of money somewhere. They are providing people with clues on their Instagram accounts to help someone eventually find the hidden treasure.

Last Year’s Search for Treasure

This is not the first year treasure has been hidden by the two friends and people have desperately searched for it. Last year there was a hidden treasure of $5,000.

The winner last year was Cameron Brunt. Now, he’s one of the people returning to the wilderness in search of another cash prize. “Right now, I’m just trying to figure this new treasure out. I feel like it’s almost my duty to go out and find it, just so I can hold on to my title,” he said to ABC 4.

It took him only four days to find the treasure last year. He found the cash near the Rocky Mouth Trail Head. The money was a very necessary find for Brunt. He just got let go from his job due to COVID-19 at the time. With the $5,000, he got his real estate license.

He actually gave some advice to this year’s eager treasure searchers. He said to read the instructions closely and follow directions exactly as they are given.

Treasure Hunting in Utah this Year

This year’s treasure is already proving harder to find, which makes sense given it’s double the money.

John Maxim posted a video on Instagram seven days ago announcing the second annual treasure hunt in Utah. He stated, “First person to solve the poem and find the chest keeps the spoils.”

The video shows the two friends pouring the money into the chest somewhere on a forest floor. “The only thing I can think of is when Jay Leno asked Elon Musk why he wants to make his windows bulletproof and without even hesitating he just says, ‘Because it’s badass.’ That’s all it is. There’s no secret motivation, it’s just awesome.”

The Instagram post also includes a long poem. This is the treasure hunter’s reference in trying to find this abandoned loot.

The two friends said they would reveal additional clues each week the treasure remains buried. The first states that the treasure was not hidden in any kind of ski resort. The second states that the treasure is not buried deep into the ground. The friends said not to go digging holes all through the wilderness. You should just be able to brush the dirt away or use a gardening tool.

All in all, it’s a great way to get people outside.

“It is a treat to watch families who send us pictures or videos and it’s like a family in a van and all the kids have headlamps on and they’re all so stoked to get in the mountains because they think they have it solved,” Cline said to KSLTV.