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Vermont To Issue Free Hunting, Fishing Licenses to Native Americans in 2021

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Johner Images/ Getty Images)

Starting in 2021, Vermont will be issuing free hunting and fishing licenses to Native Americans.

It has come to the state leaders’ attention that Native American tribes have to buy both hunting and fishing licenses if they want to partake in either activity this year. The leaders have decided to give members of Native American tribes free hunting and fishing licenses, which will become available in January of 2021. 

How to Get the Licenses

To qualify for the free license, a member of a Native American tribe must turn in an Abenaki Hunting and Fishing License Tribal Certification form that is certified by select tribal officials. 

To certify, the Native American tribe member will also need to provide a copy of their current identification card that is valid. In addition, one will need a Vermont Sporting license application, as well as proof that they have previously had a hunting license in either the United States or Canada. They may also need a hunters safety card, but only if they are requesting a hunting and fishing combination license.

If they cannot find their hunting license, a license affidavit form will be included. 

Once certified, officials will grant a free, permanent fishing license to the member. If they qualify for a hunting license, officials will then permit them a free, permanent combination hunting and fishing license. 

The license will not include additional licenses, permits, or add-on tags. 

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department provides more information and has the proper forms on its website vtfishandwildlife.com. However, it won’t be made available until mid-December. 

Vermont Seasons

According to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, spring season turkey hunting started on May 31. Their fall archery season began October 3 and went until the 23.

Deer archery season began on October 1 and is currently happening until December 15.

The early-season for Black Bears just ended on November 13. However, the late-season starts the next day, on the 14, and goes until November 22.

The full list of season dates as well as animal dates is on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department website

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