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Video: Beachgoers Wrestle Shark to Land to Remove Hook From Its Mouth

by Chris Haney
Photo by Darren Stewart/Gallo Images via Getty Images

A recent video from the beaches of North Carolina shows two men appearing to fight with a shark as it thrashed in the surf. It turns out that the two men were actually trying to save the shark.

The incident took place on the shores of Oak Island, N.C. on Aug 22, about 45 minutes south of Wilmington.

Beachgoer Joe Woosley filmed the scene as it took place, and later posted the video to Facebook. The footage shows two men pulling a shark by its tail from the water as it wrestles to escape back into the ocean. Eventually the men pull the sea creature to shore from the ankle-deep water.

At first, the men’s actions in the video were not clear as they tried to pull the fish from the safety of the ocean water. However, Woosley told Storyful that it quickly became clear that they were only trying to help the shark who had a large hook stuck in its mouth. One of the men in the footage was able to successfully remove the hook.

He also shared a photo to the Oak Island, NC Community Page showing them holding the shark’s mouth open. The photo shows the hook attached to the lower right side of the shark’s mouth. The two men removed the hook and released the shark back into the ocean.

Some Facebook users commented on the post sharing their concern about the shark. However, Woosley said the two fishermen had caught it, removed the hook, and put it “right back in the water.”

“Really they did the right thing,” Woosley said in a comment under his original Facebook post.

This is the second viral shark video coming out of Oak Island in the last week. A huge hammerhead shark washed up on shore, but beachgoers helped it back into the ocean.

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