Watch: Brave Jack Russell Pup Runs Off Black Bear From Family’s Yard

by Jon D. B.

Never doubt a Jack: watch as the bravest of tiny dogs chases a huge black bear straight out of his owner’s yard with more confidence than a German shepherd.

Man has relied on their canine companions for hunting, companionship, and protection for millennia. While fewer are trained to hunt these days, the two latter partnerships couldn’t be more relevant today.

One particular dog, too, is proving it’s not your size that matters when protecting your human. It’s your bark.

Jersey, an unbelievably brave little Jack Russell Terrier belongs to a lucky family in British Columbia. His Canadian family just received a visit from a curious black bear in their own back yard. Jersey, however, wasn’t having it.

Jack Russell Terrier runs black bear out of town

The family manages to capture the entire confrontation on video – and it is priceless. Jersey is seen running directly up to the bear’s front as it enters his back yard from the forest. The bear stands his ground – as he should – he’s at least 20x the terrier’s size. Once Jersey gets going, though, all bets are off.

The bear makes a brave move to try and step into the yard toward Jersey’s family – and he becomes unhinged. His owners and their children can be heard laughing hysterically as Jersey goes into full-on turbo mode. The tiny pup lunges at the bear, barking and yipping ferociously. Startled and confused, the black bear fumbles backward then makes a run for it. And if you thought Jersey would absolutely give chase – you’re absolutely right.

Watch below as he ferociously beams after the bear – snapping at his heels the entire way. His tiny protest is so effective, too, that the bear loses his footing and falls into the grass just before making a messy escape.

Needless to say, Jersey’s owner – David Jonsson – is one proud dog owner today. This black bear, however, may never show his face in Canada again.

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