Video: Buffalo Herd Chasing Lion Pride Goes Viral For Teaching a Life Lesson

by Jon D. B.

The intense viral video shows a lion pride going after a water buffalo herd – only to come up short against the power of unity.

Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Services is going viral after posting a short clip of lions attempting to down a herd of water buffalo. Sharing to his twitter account, Nanda says of the clip:

“Battle of Waterloo for lions… United buffalo heard outgunning the lion pride.”


While he uses “heard”, we’re sure Nanda is referencing the “herd” of buffalo. He also gives credit to the original sharer of the video – Erik Solheim.

Water buffalo show powerful unity against lion pride

Lions are ferocious, unmatched predators of the African savanna. Large prey like these water buffalo, however, can deter just about any lion when they stick together. The bovines are immense and powerful, and if they show unity lions will rarely attempt a kill.

Instead, lions are opportunistic with buffalo (as are most large predators, like bears). They will opt to wait for a sick, wounded, or young member of the herd to stray off, fall behind, or get separated. Then – they move in for the kill.

Within the clip, the herd can be seen demonstrating uniting tactics – and completely deterring the lions. As a result, their young, vulnerable, and all others are safe from the predators.

Comments below the video recognize the powerful unity taking place in the clip. “Unity can do wonders,” one user writes. Another comments, “Love this herd. Attitude.”

Watch the “Battle of Waterloo for lions”:

While Nanda gives credit to the poster, the origination of the video is still unclear. The footage looks (and sounds) to come from a safari vehicle in Africa. Popular tourists attractions, these safari tours bring visitors up close and personal to wild animals in their natural habitat. Sometimes, however, these visits go terribly wrong for tourists – or the animals themselves.

It is a wonder, honestly, looking at footage like this, that open-vehicle safaris still exist. Thankfully for the filming vacationers – and the water buffalo – no casualties have been reported, wild or otherwise.

Instead, viewers are seeing a reminder to unite. Achieving strength through unity is a powerful message, especially in one of the most tumultuous times in U.S. political history.

Perhaps if we all pull together, like these water buffalo – we can survive the worst – and 2020 – together.

[H/T: IndiaToday]