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Video: Bull Attacks Unsuspecting 75-Year-Old Grandmother

by Josh Lanier
(Photo credit ANDER GILLENEA/AFP via Getty Images)

A 75-year-old grandmother was injured in an attack by a large bull recently while walking in a street in India, the New York Post reported. But thanks to her quick-thinking grandson she survived. Though the bull attacked him as well during the rescue.

CCTV video of the attack isn’t graphic, but it is shocking.

The video shows Angoori Devi walking down a street in the northern Indian state of Haryana on Sept. 28, according to MSN. The grandmother passes by the massive animal when, without provocation, it tramples her and throws her violently to the ground. She lies there stunned and in pain for several seconds. The bull looms above her.

The animal looks as if it is about to gore the defenseless woman again when her grandson, Jatin, heroically rushes in after he hears her screams. The bull also attacks him, but he is able to get back on his feet quickly and keep it from getting to the elderly woman again.

In the video, he drags her to her feet, but the beast charges and attacks them again. It tosses them both with its horns. A man rushes in from nearby with a stick and tries to drive the bull away, but he fails. However, it distracts the animal long enough for Jatin to drag his grandmother to safety.

Angoori Devi was taken to the hospital where doctors treated her for a broken hand. Her grandson was also treated and released. His injuries and age were not mentioned. Both are at home recuperating, MSN said.

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