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Video: Deer Charges Utah Officer After Being Rescued from Hammock

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Darren Hauck/Getty Images)

In an intense video posted by Iron County Sherriff’s Office, a large buck deer charges directly into an officer amidst a rescue operation.

“It’s all fun and games until the deer charges you.” So says this Utah Sherriff’s office on Facebook. With the posting of intense on-duty footage, they have the evidence to prove it, too.

Within the footage, the large buck can be seen trapped in a red rope hammock around a tree trunk. Deputy Dustin Roy and Department of Wildlife Resources Officer Kody Jones respond to the call and immediately take to action in the Utah resident’s back yard.

From the officer’s body cam, we see the two cutting through hammock rope to free the deer. Once the officer frees said deer, however, all bets are off. Wildlife Officer Kody Jones doesn’t expect to be full-body charged by an angry buck. But that’s exactly what happens.

The big boy charges for Jones – antlers first – and lifts the officer off his feet before both grapple on the ground. Major kudos to Jones here, as his extensive wildlife experience shows with how he handles such an animal and attack.

Luckily, he doesn’t seem to sustain any injuries from the buck’s antlers.

Antlered Deer Charges Two Officers Attempting Rescue

The deer, however, isn’t letting the officer off clean. After Jones releases the buck a second time, he immediately charges again. Jones handles the wild animal like the pro he is. Then, he and Deputy Roy stand their ground in an intense stare-off with the buck to let him know they won’t tolerate any further aggression.


Any large wild animal can be dangerous, but male deer, in particular, can be deadly if they feel threatened.

Of the video, the Sherriff’s Department has the following to say:

“Yesterday, DWR Officer Kody Jones and ICSO Deputy Dustin Roy released a deer from a hammock. It’s all fun and games until the deer charges you.”

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