Video: Grizzly Bear Takes on a Pack of Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Barcroft Media / Contributor/ Getty Images)

On September 11, Yellowstone National Park carried out business as usual, until two of its top predators decided to go head to head. 

The Junction Butte wolfpack, one of the largest in Yellowstone with about 20 members, had just gotten done with a successful bison hunt and were resting after their long day. A grizzly bear smelt the recent kill and decided to capitalize on the opportunity for what looked like an easy meal. 

It is not uncommon for bears and wolves to meet up in this way to clash over resources. However, when the two meet up, the bear significantly outweighs the wolf. In a match of one on one or even seven on one, the bear is usually the heavyweight champion. 

This was not the case, however. The bear was going up against a wolf pack with 18 members in 2019 and has grown to at least 20. Their pack alone makes up for close to one-fifth of all the wolves in the park. 

The grizzly bear is America’s largest predator. In Yellowstone National Park, they have been caught weighing in as much as 700 pounds. 

Wolves, on the other hand, grow to a maximum size of around 130 pounds, but the Junction Butte wolfpack has proved they have strength in numbers taking down bison in the park. 

Bison are the largest land animal in North America, weighing in around 2,000 pounds.

What originally started as one dominant grizzly bear against a few of the pack’s outer members quickly turned. The bear was suddenly up against more and more of the pack’s forces. 

After a hard-fought battle, both of the animals walked away to clash again some other day. The wolves are taking the crown for this fight.