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Video: Helicopter Hoists Horse Out of Deep Ravine

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP via Getty Images)

California firefighters are proving once again that they’re the ultimate heroes – as they hoist an 8-year-old horse out of a 60-foot ravine using a harness and a helicopter.

Firefighters with the Orange County Fire Authority share the footage on their Facebook page today. Within, the 8-year-old horse, named Lola, can be seen 60 feet down in a ravine. The ravine, a natural feature of Caspers Wilderness Park,, proves too much for the horse to escape on her own. Thankfully, firefighters quickly make it to the scene in San Juan Capistrano.

Once there, the firefighters sedate Lola to keep her calm for a safe transport. The large horse is then rescued from the ravine courtesy of a helicopter airlift and several very happy firefighters.

Watch: Successful Helicopter Horse Rescue

Lola reportedly threw her owner from her back before her tumble down into the ravine. Their reuniting makes for a happy ending, however, as neither Lola nor her owner seemed injured from their tumbling.


With the state of things across the nation – historic wildfires burning alongside an unmatched hurricane seasonhorse rescues seem to be on the rise. In a year like 2020 – what would we do without our firefighters?

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