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Video: Huge Iceberg Flips on Explorers Trying to Climb It

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Xinhua News Agency / Contributor/ Getty Images

You know the saying, how much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Well, there’s now a counter. How much do two humans weigh? Enough to flip the iceberg. 

A group of explorers sailing the open seas of Svalbard, a stretch of water between Norway and the North Pole, got a little colder than they might have hoped for when an iceberg capsized on them. 

Both men in the video are experienced climbers, but you can’t exactly train for this type of situation. Equipped with ice picks and boots featuring crampons, the men start to scale the side of the iceberg.

At first, the men start their journey to the top, but as the boat slowly starts to pull away, the oversized ice cube starts to tilt under the men’s weight. As one of the men tries to quickly scamper up the tipping ice shelf, the other with half-hearted effort slides into the water. 

Crew members yell and look on as the men were luckily unharmed. A wave made by the iceberg came in handy as it floated both men out from under the ice. The boat quickly came to rescue the men out of the frigid water. 

Iceberg Explorer

Mike Horn, one of the bold climbers in the video, is a famed explorer for more than 30 years.


He posted the video on his Instagram account that has more than 654,000 followers. The post already has more than 476 thousand views, 88,000 likes, and 2,200 comments. 

Horn captioned the photo, “Oops, should not have eaten breakfast 🍳 before climbing. @fredroux72 we both survived. Not to be repeated. Full story in our YouTube channel.”

Most of the comments on the post talk about how risky and foolish it was to climb the iceberg in the first place, but many of his adoring followers wrote about their concern for the climbers. 

One woman wrote, “Even professionals make mistakes, glad ure (sic) okay!” While another wrote, “Hope they are ok! The stupidest and most reckless thing I have seen in a long time.”