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Video: Huge Moose Wanders into Alaskan Hospital, Eats Plants

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: ARNO BURGI/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

This moose can’t be a stranger around this Alaskan town, as she clearly let herself into a local hospital before munching on their decorative plants.

In an amusing video posted by People today, a local Alaskan hospital receives an unlikely visitor. Er – slightly unlikely for Alaska. Shared with the magazine by the video’s filmer Stephanie Hupton, the footage shows the moose going to town on decorative plants inside the building.

Hupton, however, must not be an Alaskan native herself. “Do they just walk in?” she asks while filming. If she were an Alaskan – she’d know the answer to that question is a resounding yes. In fact, moose are known to be quite brazen, and will let themselves into just about anywhere they want to be. Including soccer fields.

“This is the coolest thing ever,” Hupton follows. “It’s just hungry.” A friend close by reassures her, too, that they’re “real plants”.

“He’s a cute little guy! Well… he’s not so little,” she continues. You can tell, however, that she is in the company of actual Alaskans as one chimes in “that’s a mama”. To her credit, Hupton takes the correction, and begins correctly referring to the moose as “she” for the rest of the video.

“Oh, maybe she’s leaving,” Hupton states as the moose saunters towards the door. The enormous “mama” examines multiple doors and windows that are smaller than she is. It’s at this point that a police officer is seen on hand. He knows to keep his distance, as well.

Finally, the moose finds a suitable exit – a propped door – and slowly exits. “Aw, there she goes… Bye moose!” Hupton quips. And just like that, the hosptial is moose-less once again.

As the police officer does, it is always best to give moose their distance. If threatened, they can be immensely dangerous by their size alone.

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