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Video: Jogger Stops Then Sprints To Safety After Bear Approaches Her on Hiking Trail

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Stan Tekiela Author / Naturalist / Wildlife Photographer/ Getty Images)

A jogger in British Columbia had a close call with an unexpected workout partner, a black bear.

A woman was caught on camera jogging on a popular trail before being stopped by a curious black bear. She freezes to try and not scare the dangerous wild animal, who slowly approaches her.

Intrigued, the bear swipes at the jogger’s right leg with it’s paw, while the brave woman holds her ground.

The large black bear finally loses interest in the woman. She then makes a quick dash for safety as the bear looks on.

The man recording the video, Sam Abdullah, says he was trying his best to distract the bear so the woman could run for safety.

“If you see the video, we are doing the opposite [of what] we are supposed to do,” says Abdullah. “We are coming closer to the bear. I was trying to distract the bear by yelling because we are not running away because there was a girl there, and we waited there until we knew that she was safe.”

Murray Smith, a local conservation officer, describes the encounter as concerning. Officials are currently trying to trap the bear and potentially euthanize it.

Brave Black Bear

“It appears the bear had little or no fear of the runner,” says Smith. “It wasn’t like the bear was startled by the runner and reached out and contacted them. In this case, the runner stopped, and the bear approached the runner, and then the bear hit the person’s leg, so it’s very concerning.”

Smith says that they have received over 20 reports of a bear in the area over the past month.

Why the Increase in Bear Sightings?

The increase in bear sightings could be attributed to the decrease in tourism and residents staying inside from the pandemic. In addition, a lack of food sources like berries and fish could be to blame.

Officials say to avoid contact with bears by making loud noises, holding eye contact with the bear, and backing away slowly in the opposite direction.

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