VIDEO: Live Deer With Arrow Through Its Skull Spotted at Wisconsin’s Whitnall Park

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

If you’re looking for an intriguing yet equally unsettling sight, then you’ve come to the right place. Video footage, captured at Wisconsin’s Whitnall Park, shows a deer going about its day with an arrow penetrating its skull. Check it out.

According to CBS 58, a cyclist spotted the strange doe in Whitnall Park. The outlet reports the arrow has penetrated the deer’s neck and skull, the weapon apparently from a crossbow.

The cyclist, Collin Buth, spoke with the news outlet about the odd encounter.

“My daughter and I ride mountain bikes a lot at the Alpha Trail and I stopped to take a video to send to her. That’s when I noticed the deer actually had an arrow in its head.”

After taking the video, Buth looked back at photos of the strange doe. Only then did he realize the arrow penetrated the front of the skull as well.

Since Buth spotted the injured deer, multiple people have seen it, reporting their sightings to the Wehr Nature Center.

Carly Hintz, director of the nature center, said, “We’ve last gotten reports of this deer being sighted in mid-February. We always report to the [Department of Natural Resources] conservation warden first.”

Wildlife Authorities Speak to the Deer’s Condition

As for the DNR, the outlet reports they’re aware of this particular deer and the arrow lodged in its skull, and that they continue to monitor its condition.

However, even more unsettling, wildlife authorities also confirmed they have received reports of illegal hunting activity in Whitnall Park, the crossbow arrow further proof of that.

Buth additionally shared, “I’ve never seen anything like that in Whitnall Park. It’s unfortunate because it’s such a nice area for nature watching. It seems like there is an illegal poaching problem here in Milwaukee County parks.”

In regard to the deer’s condition, Hintz added, “It’s very disturbing to see that.” However, she did admit, “I’m glad at least there is not a great degree of distress.”

Wisconsin Humane Society has also been made aware of the deer and the arrow stuck in its skull. In speaking with CBS 58, the society concluded, “Apparently, this deer has been spotted on several occasions over the past few months.”

Of the deer itself, they said, “The deer sounds to be very mobile and active. It’s a very odd situation as it sounds like a terrible injury at face value, but hasn’t seemed to impact the deer’s ability to survive.”

While locals remain concerned about the deer and the potential danger connected to the arrow impacting its head, the humane society continues to refer callers to the DNR.

Unfortunately, they concluded, “We are unable to treat deer in-field or intake adult deer for rehabilitation because of both resource and regulatory issues.”