VIDEO: Massive Mountain Lion Watches Woman Through Window in Colorado

by Madison Miller

A Colorado woman captured a stalker right outside her home. She was recording from inside of her home behind a glass window. On the other side was a massive mountain lion carefully examining her and the pet dog right next to her.

It looks like the wild predator didn’t notice it had an audience until the dog came running to the window nosily. Suddenly, the mountain lion places its gaze and attention on the dog to the woman’s left.

In the process, she gets an extremely close look at the animal. Normally, being within a few feet of a wild mountain lion would not have positive results.

According to CBS Local Denver, the woman who filmed the video, Nina Isaacs, is a British woman who was in town visiting her mother in Boulder.

You can hear her carefully whispering the words, “Oh my God, Oh My God.” She doesn’t appear to move a muscle or make any loud noises during the video, despite thick glass separating her from the dangerous predator.

In many ways, quiet is the opposite reaction Isaacs should have had.

“Lee Hill is most definitely mountain lion country, so residents there or most anywhere in Boulder should not be surprised to have a mountain lion around … Biggest take-away for people who see that video is they need understand they should take action and haze mountain lions away when seen around their home. Don’t let them feel comfortable and protect your pets. Yell through your window, set off your car alarm, try something from inside that you feel comfortable doing to get the mountain lion to move along,” Jason Clay with the Colorado Park and Wildlife said to CBS.

Encountering a Mountain Lion

The internet and wildlife experts are filled with advice on what to do when encountering a mountain lion out in the wild.

While the adrenaline of the moment can make a person forget everything they’ve ever heard, there are still key things to remember. The most common advice is to stay calm and hold your ground. Then, slowly back away while still directly facing the animal.

Obviously, staying calm is one of the hardest things to do at that moment. However, people should never run from a mountain lion because they have the instinct to chase. It’s important not to bend down or crouch because this could make you look like a four-legged prey. Mountain lions don’t consider humans prey, but certain actions and movements may lead to an attack.

According to the Coloradoan, a man named Mat Alldredge has captured over 300 mountain lions during his long career. Many of the captures led to extensive studies to learn more about the animal. His research has documented where the animals commonly reside in Colorado and their predatory behavior.

He also said that he has never had one be aggressive toward him. Rather, most of the predators feel safe with good cover and try to avoid conflict. Taking a picture or video during an encounter should never be a priority.