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Video: Rollercoaster Nearly Slams Into Family Of Bears

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

A video taken this weekend shows a family of bears crossing the tracks of a rollercoaster as a visitor makes their way down the coaster’s hill. The Tik Tok video posted of the outrageous moment now has over over 11 million views on the social platform.

The video shows someone coming down the ramp at Anakeesta Theme Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as the bears casually cross the track. Fox News reports the rollercoaster is called the “Rail Runner” and allows the rider to control the speed. The rider is seen obviously slowing down immensely, supposedly aware of the animals that he is approaching.

You can hear the visitors watching shouting “Oh my gosh!” and tons of laughter in the background. The video has over 1.3 million likes and comments continue to roll in. Some users recognize the severity of any bear encounter.

“Everybody’s laughing but that is a mama bear with cubs. That person is lucky to be alive,” the user writes. Another was impressed and amused with how “chill” the rider looks. The comment references overheard comments in the video, saying, “‘I bet that persons freaking out’ Meanwhile the guy looks totally chill 😂😂” Another references a wildly popular Tik Tok trend, saying “You see 👀 me 👨‍🦳 in da woods 🌲 fighting 🥊 a grizzly bear 🐻 help 🏥 da bear 🐻” While another referenced a different viral video from years before, saying “PUT 🔊 IT 🔊 IN 🔊 REVERSE 🔊 TERRY” joking they would have preferred to through the coaster in reverse to avoid the situation.

Anakeesta Theme Park posted to Facebook to clarify that trained staff members were monitoring the bears’ movement. They also gave a reminder to visitors to “maintain a distance of 150′ if you spot a bear at Anakeesta!”