Video Shows Huge Shark Eating a Seal in Shallow Cape Cod Waters

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, a Massachusetts beachgoer filmed a great white shark chowing down on a seal close to shore in a video that has since gone viral.

The great white was seen swimming dangerously close to shore in shallow waters as it went after the seal. The gruesome encounter took place off the beaches of Cape Cod and was filmed by beachgoer Corey Nunes.

A Facebook post by Atlantic White Shark Conservancy explained that October is a peak feeding season for the huge sharks. Their post read:

“Video taken yesterday (October 15, 2020) off Race Point Beach, Provincetown. This is another good reminder that white sharks hunt in shallow waters off the Cape and, based on tagging data, we know that October is a peak season month for white shark activity off the Cape.”

The Graphic Video of the Great White Shark Eating a Seal

In the video, viewers can see a huge shark coming within only a few yards of the shoreline. Its dorsal fins and tail fin are easily seen sticking out of the water as it hunts the seal. Additionally, the large fish comes so close to shore that at times you can almost see the entire top half of its body protruding from the sea.

The giant sea creature swirls around the same area chasing the seal for around 30 seconds. And then, the blue water begins to turn red as the shark rips into the seal ending the brief standoff. 

A video of the encounter began circulating online not long after the incident occurred. One Twitter user shared Nunes’ footage saying, “A shark attacked a seal close to the shore of Race Point Beach in Provincetown today. Check out this video Corey Nunes took!”

In addition, the Twitter user tagged Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s official Twitter account in the post. The conservancy tracks shark populations and their activity in the Cape Cod area with its Sharktivity App. The group’s purpose is to “raise awareness and help facilitate the peaceful coexistence between humans and white sharks.” 

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