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82-Year-Old Man Slammed Into Wall by Enormous Bull in Horrifying Video

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Juan Pelegrín via Getty Images)

Popular across Spain, Portugal, and some regions of Mexico and France, the Spanish tradition of bull-running dates back to the early 14th century. Now, we’ve come a long way from the 1300s. Bathing, for example, is now the in thing to do. But through all the changes the world has seen over the last 700-some-odd years, the antiquated and dangerous practice of bull-running has remained constant.

No one is forced to run full tilt from a raging bull. However, it might be time we leave purposefully antagonizing wild animals behind us nonetheless. Over the weekend, hundreds of residents of Ontinyent, Spain, gathered in the streets for the Bou de la Puríssima festival, which, of course, included a Bou en Corda event.

What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s simple. On the first weekend of December, three bulls are set loose on the streets of the town center. Then the games begin.

Locals are encouraged to attempt to approach the animals, getting as close as they can without being gored to death. Those who wish to participate can walk up to the cattle, run near them, or even attempt to grab the length of rope hanging from their necks.

As you might have guessed, injuries aren’t at all uncommon during the Bou en Corda. This time, however, one injury was so gruesome that even locals used to the sight of bull-related injuries screamed in horror at the terrifying scene.

In the video of the event, dozens of residents run down a city street, a massive bull in their midst. The bull then hones in on an 82-year-old man unable to outrun him.

82-Year-Old Man Nearly Dies in Bull-Running Incident

Charging toward the elderly man, the animal’s horns make contact with his side. The man is instantly thrown high into the air before slamming against a concrete wall. Screams echo through the street as the likely terrified bull continues the attack, scraping the unconscious man’s body with its horns and hitting him with enough force that his limp body rolls down the sidewalk.

The bull is eventually pulled away using the rope attached to its neck, but the damage was done. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and admitted in serious condition. He had multiple head injuries and a gash on his hand.

“The question is not what that old man was doing there, but who put a bull on the public highway and granted permission to the mob to corner him, make him feel afraid and enrage him,” one social media user wrote in Spanish. “This country is still determined not to enter the 21st century.”

This year alone, six people have died during festivities involving bull-running and fighting in Spain’s Valencia region. Because of this, despite their storied history, many locals no longer wish to involve wild animals in their festivals.